Furniture Retail System handles the complete warehouse processing, with purchase order controls, goods receipting and bay management features included. The solution also handles inter-location transfers, returns, scheduled delivery picking and much more. The proactive nature of our retail system enables the operator to quickly see which goods need moving or delivering to customers.

All items are fully tracked with optional barcode processing which allows any of the sales force to see the real-time stock position and how that impacts on their customers’ orders.

Furniture Retail System gives staff the ability to communicate quickly and easily with your customers using text message (SMS) and/or email at key points during the sales order process. Alerts can be automated for a range of stages.

Key features include

  • Alerts - new sale and sale amendment notifications
  • Change of proposed delivery date
  • Allocation of scheduled delivery date
  • Change of scheduled delivery date/timeslot

Delivery scheduling and planning module shows up to four load measures – items, weight, drop (slots) and cubics – to provide a better review of the capacity available. Each measure uses a traffic light indicator allowing the viewer to quickly decide whether there is the capacity to add an order to a run or if the run is to be closed subject to planning.

Furniture Retail System can also be integrated into third-party route planning, van loading and delivery scheduling applications such as DispatchTrack.

  • Goods receipting - automatic allocation, onward transfers and ASN (pre-ship notification)
  • Stock transfers - tracking and lost in transit processing
  • Delivery control - route planning and calendar views
  • Mixed deliveries - pick up on route
  • Customer Email / SMS notifications
  • Hand Held Terminals Scanning options