We are delighted to welcome The Home Place to the SwanFRS squad. 

Based in sunny Jonesville, Florida, The Home Place is a design-oriented furniture store. Their team exclusively design and configure rooms or even entire homes for their clients.  

The SwanFRS application allows them to provide high levels of customer service by keeping a close awareness of transactional due dates and service messaging. SwanFRS solves their operational needs and allows them to configure and track special order upholstered goods.  

Penny Koon, project manager and consultant at SwanFRS, comments: 

The Home Place go-live went very smoothly last WednesdayThey hit the ground running with their first sales that day going through the new system. The team created their first internal orders to replenish product on the sale floor, created purchase orders and goods receipt notes to add the product to inventory. They have picked up on how to use SwanFRS very quickly and I will continue to assist them where needed to update their catalogue; I believe they will become very comfortable with this process.

I will be available to support them until the system becomes second nature and look forward to seeing them grow with SwanFRS.”

We are excited about working with The Home Place and happy to have them on board.