Furniture Retail System has been integrated to Taxware to enable control of the entire tax determination process.

Easily manage compliance for the most complex states, product types and scenarios, including variables such as caps, thresholds, coupons and refunds, bracket taxing, rental taxes, tax holidays, urban enterprise zones and more.

Automatic updates are supplied every time that there are any changes, without the need for additional bolt-on solutions.

Calculates use taxes in real time, provides greater transaction accuracy for P-cards, drop shipments, use tax and promotional use of inventory. It quickly validates tax treatment on AP supplier invoices to uncover errors and potential overpayments.

Taxware puts control of data, reconciliations and reporting back in the hands of tax and finance department and standardizes compliance processes to save time and maximize resources.

Eliminates manual processes that result in greater risk and potentially lead to hefty penalties

Key benefits

  • Enterprise reporting - provides full visibility in determining trends and benchmarks to improve compliance processes
  • Accessible transaction level information - greater accuracy and quick reconciliation
  • Provides effective audit defence - leveraging transactional data to satisfy auditor requests
  • Leverage existing systems to reduce IT burdens
  • Eliminate manual use tax calculations and errors via automation
  • Greater visibility and more data control
  • Accurate, up-to-date tax calculations for any scenario