Furniture Retail System gives the retailer great flexibility through the tablet ordering module. This moves specific elements of the customer ordering and order enquiries to a browser, which can operate on any size of tablets.

The tablet sales assistant is a tablet-based solution offering your sales staff the ability to

    • search the product portfolio/stock levels in real time
    • create and maintain customer orders
    • create and maintain customers

The tablets use WiFi communications to send customer orders to Furniture Retail System, so your staff can remain on the shop floor with their customers. The application has been designed so that it can be used without a mouse and operated with the touch of a finger, with pop up keyboards and an intuitive, streamlined customer ordering process with drop down options. The tablet ordering software has a similar feel to the back office without all the additional functionality/options to provide a simple, easy to use clean display, maximising the use of the touch sensitive screen.

Tablet ordering has been proven to improve the closure of customer orders as the salesperson need not leave the presence of the customer. Mobile payment devices are also available to enhance this process.

Customer orders can be checked, approved and collated in the back office, saving time on administration.

Arming the salesperson with tablet solutions has the additional advantage of removing fixed customer order stations from the shop floor, enabling a more flexible and fluid display area.

Key features include

  • Browser-based - independent from a specific operating system
  • Full order progression from creation, amendment and status enquiries
  • Customer status with the ability to amend orders and instant balance enquiry
  • Catalogue and stock search, with the ability to convert a search into a sale
  • Better customer engagement with selling benefits on the display product in question
  • Replaces the traditional sales docket as the order display can mirror the docket