Swan Retail has packaged up its established market leading speciality furniture retail application and has made it more accessible for first time users.

We know from experience that many Furniture, Bed and Carpet retailers would like to take that initial step to move away from traditional paper and file-based business processes. The best way of doing this would be by implementing a computerised solution for capturing customers’ orders, controlling the purchasing and stock, managing deliveries and providing a higher level of customer service.

However, the initial cost hurdle and trying to understand how these systems operate within the business can prove to be troublesome. Not everyone wants to read a manual or trial a system for weeks, they would much rather have personal help and guidance through this process.

To overcome these issues, Swan is now offering a hosted web-based solution on a monthly “pay as you go” basis. Included with this are 5 complimentary days of help and advice dedicated to assist you in setting up the Swan application and configuring it to suit your style of business, hand-holding the retailer through the implementation from kick off to going live and being on site when you do go live for reassurance. Two of these are full days of training to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All of this is fully included in the monthly cost.

The application is purely browser based, operating on virtually any mobile device, tablet or PC with an internet connection while requiring very little bandwidth. Furthermore; security, backups and IT housekeeping are all looked after by Swan.

The benefits available to the retailer are numerous; including a reduction in administration, fewer mistakes, quicker deliveries, better stock turn, less stock holding, improved customer service and, most importantly, higher margins.

Chris Marsden-Jones, Business Development Director for Swan Retail says “Our philosophy of ‘everyone gets everything’ assists in delivering these benefits because all new Swan customers can use exactly the same high level of functionality and reports used by the larger furniture retailers and achieve similar commercial and business advantages – all in a very cost-effective manner.”