We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of our Furniture Retail System (FRS). There are a number of enhancements including the new salesperson ordering application and a completeintuitive redesign.

FRS Redesign

  • Main menu overhaul with customisable favourites
  • New colour-coded status bars
  • Sortable tables with hover boxes
  • Simplified user interface
  • Interactive example reports
  • New style customer facing documents to reinforce branding

To complement the tablet ordering application outlined below, the look and feel of FRS has been redesigned with the introduction of several features that make V12 the most ergonomic version to date.

The main menu has been overhauled and moved to the top row of the application. It is customisable showing favourites at the top of each menu folder.

FRS new menu

Images have been replaced with colour coded information bars (or pill boxes) making it easier for users to find the status of a sale or item of stock. Tables (shown below) offer sortable columns and hover boxes for additional information where applicable. The screen has also been lightened and simplified allowing the important information to immediately identified.

FRS order search results


The side panel is now listed alphabetically and scrolls if needed. Where ‘images’ are displayed the ‘wire frame’ approach allows them to be visible whilst blending with other reference data.

FRS stock search


As well as a more intuitive design, there are several functional improvements to the application, including:

  • the ability to select individual items from multiple sales orders to generate an amalgamated purchase order
  • search reports now offer interactive examples allowing the operator to ‘view’ the report without having to print it
  • new style sales order prints enforce your branding and can include item imagery and content sensitive terms and conditions.


Salesperson Ordering Application

  • New feature
  • Operate via tablet with no additional hardware
  • Improved search function
  • Operator can sell configurable products
  • Converts enquiries to sales orders
  • Continuously synchronised with the main FRS system
  • Recalls existing orders
  • Recalls existing customers or can add new ones

This feature allows the salesperson to operate via a tablet on the sales floor, enabling them to enquire on their product portfolio, create and amend sales and look after the customer account.

The application is browser based and therefore is not locked down to a particular operating system or device, and makes full use of the pop up keyboard and touch sensitive screens available on such devices. There is no minimum hardware requirement.

Searching for products is via a keyword which produces list of matching items, shown below.

FRS tablet search

From this list the operator can choose an item of interest and tap into the details (see below).

The operator may swipe across to view other images and, where applicable choose from a selection of options, which may be price affecting.

FRS item definition

If the customer chooses to purchase this enquiry can be quickly and easily converted into a sales order.

FRS initial order

The operator may then add further items to the order, add an existing customer or create a new one. Delivery addresses, special instructions and payments can then be taken. Via the tablet, the operator may also update the customer information held on file.

In addition to the catalogue enquiry and order creation, the operator may recall an existing order and, subject to status and permissions, amend or take additional payments. When searching for data, if more than one order matches the search criteria pick lists are available showing the status of the sale with the colour coded pill boxes previously mentioned.

FRS order search results

At all times, the main FRS system is aware of the sale. So should there be an issue with connection, or an authorisation is required, no information is lost. All information is immediately visible within the FRS main system.


How do I get FRS V12?

V12 is available to all our FRS customers, please talk to our team about updating your system.