Ecommerce is becoming more and more important for retailers and improving your customer experience online is key. Our in-house digital agency is continuously developing ways to enhance customer experience to help our retailers grow their ecommerce revenue.

The latest addition to our ecommerce tools allows the customer to select from multiple options to configure the combination of their choice. These options are designed for complex purchases like furniture and so are fully integrated with our Furniture Retail System (FRS).

Leading Customer Experience Online

Here is an example of the new customer interface on our client’s website, Jones & Tomlin.

ecommerce enhancement options jones and tomlin


When the customer clicks ‘choose your options’, they are presented with a clean and simple set of options to configure their bed of choice.

Jones and Tomlin Bed Options


These options are synchronised with FRS and allow the retailer to replicate their in-store experience and product range online. Because our ecommerce solutions are integrated with our retail systems, all the customer order information is instantly available to process in FRS.

Through these enhancements and our omnichannel solution, we aim to both improve the customer experience online and make retailing easier.


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