Designed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading retailers, Furniture Retail System is a highly functional retail management solution, covering upholstery, cabinets and accessories. It is a highly sophisticated and complete system, purpose-built to cater to the needs of a furniture retailer of any size. However, it remains quick and easy to deploy whilst being flexible to grow with the retailer as their business expands.

The solution covers the complete customer ordering, purchasing and supply chain business processes. It handles all of the various styles of multi-tiered options, including promotional and costed options and is linked to value-added services associated with furniture retail.

Furniture Retail System has a client-friendly interface with an option to take customer orders directly from a mobile device, such as a tablet. This allows you to maximise your customer’s experience and offers upselling opportunities for associated products, warranties, fabric protection, accessories and pre-timed deliveries.

Key features include

  • Support for multiple product types - such as unit, accessory, measured and service
  • Flexible product coding - for manufacturer reference codes, barcode, item numbers
  • De-branded supplier & range names - automatic revert on purchase orders
  • Product thumbnails/images - for web, apps and point of sale material
  • Pack sizes - min/max, number of boxes, weight
  • Import/export option - for building price files and off system management
  • Supplier, range and item restrictions - to guide the sales process
  • Flexible reporting options - with a suite of off-the-shelf reports, views and export to Excel
  • Commissions - management of sales commissions, percentage or fixed amount, supported by reports
  • E-commerce - with full integration to showroom or e-commerce websites including third-party web solutions

Benefits of using Furniture Retail System solutions

  • Increase sales - through a quicker and simplified checkout journey for the customer and salesperson
  • Reduced back office admin - by integrating ordering, management and reporting of sales and stock into one system
  • Increased profits - with transparent and easy to access insights, you can make informed cost-cutting decisions based on reported facts.
  • Better control - Furniture Retail System allows you to take full control of your entire retail organisation using only one solution.