The HFA’s Insights magazine features solution providers who have helped retailers through the COVID-19 crisis. Our client, Blended Furniture Market, spoke to the HFA about the benefits of using SwanFRS.

The Home Furnishings Association is the USA’s only trade association devoted to the needs and interests of home furnishings retailers with over 1200 retail members. Over the last few months, they have given members vital information on where to find solutions to help them recover post-crisis. We are proud to be featured as one such solution provider.

Blended Furniture Market joined the SwanFRS family earlier this year. Take a look at our article A Warm Welcome to Blended Furniture Market to find out more about their story. We are very grateful for their glowing feedback about SwanFRS and we are sure the system will help their business going forward. Our favourite quote is:

“It’s been a game-changer for us. You think you have a good system in place and then you realize just how much better things can really be. That’s what SwanFRS has done for us.”

Check out Jason and RandiLynn’s comments in the HFA’s Insights magazine article.

HFA Insights June 2020

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