We’ve been hard at work adding features to our web design and build.

Upselling and cross selling complementary products is an effective way to boost web sales. Now we have added a simple way to present them on the product page.

Specifically developed for our FRS retail systems, the eCommerce features are simple to manage once in place.  There is no need to duplicate admin work. Most importantly, it gives your customers visibility of complementary products that are relevant to their purchase at the right time.

These upselling features are a powerful addition to our solution to present your complete product offering and drive online sales.

Customer Examples of Upselling & Cross Selling

See how our customers are using these features to give their customers the right information at the crucial time.

Haskins Upsells

Haskins Furniture use upsells to offer StainGuard protection plans. The clever part is that the relevant plan is automatically selected based on the number of sofa seats chosen by the customer.

G Plan Chloe Sofa from Haskins Furniture

Glasswells Cross Sells

Glasswells use cross sells to help customers marry Parasol products with compatible bases. Ensuring only compatible products are shown saves the customer time, makes their journey smoother and increases their likelihood to buy.

eCommerce Upselling Made Simple

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