While our systems are built to be strong and effective, unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong – a user can select the wrong option, or data gets corrupted. Our UK office-based Customer Support team are there to help you whenever you may need it.

Here at Swan, our support team is dedicated to helping you throughout your journey – from choosing our software, right through to ongoing support after go-live. Every team member has an extensive knowledge of our system, so they are ready to help with any query you may have, guiding you through the solution step by step.

Once you become a customer, you will be eligible for our all-inclusive support service.

Key features

  • Online support portal - we will issue you access to our secure online area, where you can view your support call history, the status of current calls with the ability to add a response, gain access to out of hours support, hire HHTs and many more facilities
  • Multi-branch access - the online support portal can assign a head office, giving retailers with multiple sites the ability to monitor the activity of their entire retail estate, allowing them to identify common problems or areas where additional training may be required
  • Support for third-party products - such as payment systems or websites giving you one point of contact for any issues or concerns
  • Telephone support - our team available by phone 5 days a week. In most cases, they can access your system remotely via the internet allowing them to rectify any minor issues in minutes
  • Software upgrades - you will be made aware of any new upgrades when available and these will be scheduled in at your convenience
  • Out of hours - you can opt to have out of hours phone support service which extends the usual hours to 8pm Monday to Friday and to 7pm on Saturdays