The container module allows the collation of different purchase orders or individual order lines into a single container. Containers can be sized by cubic or number of seats, allowing for easy customs and transfers management. Each container can be tracked from collation, through shipping and docking, then during the transfer process to the warehouse. While the container is en-route, Furniture Retail System can update the relevant sales orders ensuring you and your customers have the most up-to-date delivery estimates available.

Container costing can record other costs such as freight, insurance and currency variations and then proportionally allocate these costs against individual items, allowing you to view true margin calculations. Containers can be booked into the warehouse in a single administration process, identifying goods for put away or delivery to the customer.

Key features include

  • Build by cubic or number of seats
  • Retailer or supplier collation
  • Split Purchase Order - allocation to the container(s)
  • Progress control - build / shipping / docking / customs clearance / transfer / receipt including expected dates
  • Sell into the container - allocate specific items to customer orders before arrival
  • Receipt adjustments - unders / overs / alternates
  • Full audit tracking