Simply put, Business Reporting is any information that helps you to run your business and assists to plan for the future. All retailers collate a vast history of information about their products, sales and customers which, if interrogated correctly, can provide great insight into the direction your business strategy should take.

Furniture Retail System’s powerful reporting application can give you greater visibility and understanding into supplier performance, inventory movement, sales trends and target markets while also enabling you to track return on marketing activity.

Our business reporting solution gathers data from our furniture retail management system and can integrate data from third-party systems, such as payroll, budgeting and people counters, to provide your business with dashboards showing your own KPIs and other valuable analytics. The result is you being equipped with real-time data and predictive insights enabling you to quickly respond to business issues and opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Accessible information - from mobile, tablet or PC, schedule and view report anytime and anywhere
  • Personalized views - create 360-degree views of your business and generate stunning graphical dashboards
  • Key performance indicators - every business wants to be different and win against the competition, so highlights your unique selling points and translate them into pictures
  • Data from multiple sources - produce a single dashboard using multiple data sources across different applications
  • Save time - how long do you or your managers spend time in collating information from different sources to answer questions or prepare the monthly information pack. Create it once and use it many times
  • Improve decision-making - pinpoint new revenue potentials, identifying market trends and establish new business opportunities
  • Increase efficiency and grow profit - analyse your data to recognise areas which need support or those exceeding target