Furniture Retail System solution provides specialist bed and mattress retailers with the ability to import catalogues from a range of suppliers. It has all the options and configurations any bed retailer would need, including a choice of price and delivery options.

Our customer sales interface makes it easy for the specialist bed retailer to create bespoke bed promotions on the fly or use pre-configured promotional configurations. The system supports options and options from within options, in a simplified series of drop-down menus.

For those quick deliveries, Furniture Retail System gives you the ability to arrange your delivery scheduling directly at the point of sale with available delivery slots accessible by the sales staff on the shop floor, helping you to give your customers a complete service in one easy interaction.

The customer service module included in the Furniture Retail System allows you to record any issues raised by the customer and provides a step by step sequence of actions to resolve the problem, whether this is ordering replacement parts, managing service engineering or suggesting compensation.

Furniture Retail System handles the complete warehouse aspect of bed retailing, with purchase order controls, goods receipting and bay management. Our retail system’s pro-active nature enables the user to quickly see which goods need to be moved and which can be delivered to customers.

Key features include

  • Live stock updates - show quantities in stock and on order
  • One product with multiple price-affecting options - for size, base and drawer choices
  • Stagger purchase orders - co-ordinate delivery of mattress and base with the supplier to reduce stock holding
  • Quick delivery scheduling at point of sale
  • Schedule both deliveries and pickups - help with mattress disposals
  • Full reporting - from best sellers, through to base and size options
  • Configuration for direct supplier delivery where applicable

Benefits of using Furniture Retail System solutions

  • Better sales service - with the ability to handle options and options within options, providing all the relevant information at the sales person’s fingertips
  • Increased profits - Furniture Retail System supports direct delivery by the supplier
  • Decreased stockholding - a real-time view of stock levels and status allows individual items of stock to be allocated
  • Better control - comprehensive suite of management and branch reports